Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Berlin Express - The Russians Are Coming

And now something special for all darksynth-starved, something you've all been waiting for.
I remember when I first heard 'Die Russen Kommen' on The New Wave Complex Vol.06, I was like 'Wow...now that's really...SOMETHING! I've never heard anything like this before. It sounds so simple, but it's hard to 'figure out' at the same time...'
I hope you'll like just as much as I did.

Berlin Express is the one-time collaboration between Peter Baumann (Tangerine Dream), Conrad Schnitzler (Kluster, Tangerine Dream) and his son Gregor Schnitzler.

In 1982 they released The Russians Are Coming:


The Russians Are Coming (4:50)
Die Russen Kommen (3:31)
The 4:08 To Paris (4:08)

Berlin Express - The Russians Are Coming

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pink Industry - New Beginnings

1980's band based in Liverpool, England

Jayne Casey (Vocals)
Ambrose Reynolds (Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Drum Machines)
Tadzio Jodlowski (Bass, Guitar)


New Beginnings
Pain Of Pride
Bound By Silence
A4 State Of Grace
A5 Piano Ping
B1 Empty Beech
B2 The Corpse
B3 Fifty Five
B4 What I Wouldn't Give
B5 No Defence
B6 Stand Alone

Pink Industry - New Beginnings

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Moev - Dusk And Desire

Moev is a synth-pop band based in Vancouver, Canada. It was founded in 1981 by Tom Ferris (keyboards, percussion) and Cal Stephenson (keyboards, vocals). They were joined by Madeleine Morris (vocals) and Mark Jowett (guitar) later that year. Moev's debut album, "Zimmerkampf," appeared in 1982.
After their first label (San Francisco based "Go! Records") went broke in early 1983, band member Mark Jowett and manager Terry McBride formed Nettwerk Records in early 1984 to release Moev material. Singer Madeleine Morris departed, leaving Cal Stephenson to fill in temporarily. Christine Jones was recruited to provide vocals for the 1984 singles "Toulyev" and "Alibis."
In January 1985 Michella Arrichiello became the new vocalist in collaboration with Cal. After signing with Profile Records of New York in September 1985, "Dusk And Desire" was released. At this point, Mark Jowett left to concentrate on his managerial duties at Nettwerk, Cal Stephenson returned to school, and Michella Arrichiello left as well....


Sea-Missile Motel (4:11)

Written By - Robert Harvey
Took Out The Lace (3:19)

Producer - Dave Ogilvie
Photos (4:54)
Kim Says (3:36)

Bass - Kelly Cook
Producer - Dave Ogilvie
Czar (4:15)

Bass - Kelly Cook
Alibis (4:33)

Backing Vocals - Christine Jones
Ophelia (3:55)
Circles And Squares (3:25)
Beautiful Beast (3:51)
Sweet Nothings (4:32)

Moev - Dusk And Desire

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Corps Diplomatique

Corps Diplomatique is one of the most fascinating French bands, sadly there's not much info about them on the net, except from this page.

Corps Diplomatique (paradis I, les metamorphoses, puzzle sheeps, sin of flesh)


V/A - Dead Souls (fixed!)

Hi everyone! Thank goodness I'm finally online! Hopefully the appetizer is good enough - here you find five tracks from several bands (Abecedarians, Odessa, Seventeen Steps, Auscult...) that sound like Joy Division. I must say when I first heard Seventeen Steps I just couldn't believe it's not Ian Curtis himself. ;)

Well, enjoy Dead Souls.

V/A - Dead Souls