Tuesday, June 24, 2008

dj set

Some time ago I was asked to dj after the Attrition concert in Szczcecin, Poland. Unfortunately their gig had to be postponed and there was some kind of noise party instead. As you may guess I don't play noise music at all, so my set has been waiting for better days. Now it's its chance to have the audience. I picked some obscure tracks (such as ultra rare 7eme...) as well as wider-known stuff (das kabinette) - hope you'll like it.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ceramic Hello - The Absence Of A Canary V1.1 Side C+D

Sorry for my long silence, but I was busy due to exams. As a compensation I post something that you're definitely going to like: great tune from Canada, which has been re-released by Vinyl On Demand recently. I can guarantee nobody will be disappointed in The Absence Of A Canary. Now that's what I call DARK SYNTH.
Highly recommended!

I also have some good news for you. Once upon a time there was a band from NY, called Eleven Pond. What about them? Well, check out this blog and you'll find out that they'll propably re-release the album which was limited to 500 copies and it's now very hard to find. Luckily, you can download mp3 files from that blog, and I can also guarantee you won't be disappointed in Eleven Pond, especially in their song Watching Trees (seriously... I can't get it out of my head!) If you like Eleven Pond and feel like having their re-release, please add some feedback under that post or here. Big thanks for the support!

Ad rem!

Ceramic Hello was a duo from Burlington, Ontario, formed by Brett Wickens in 1980 after leaving Spoons to start Mannequin Records. He teamed up with Roger Humphreys who added a more classical bent to the minimal synth tunes (in the mold of John Foxx and Mute Records).

Their first release was the single "Climatic Nouveaux" / "Theatre Matrix" (MAN003) in 1980. This was followed the next year by the vinyl album The Absence Of A Canary (MAN LP1), which included the single a-side. The 1000 copies have become a collector's item, so much so that in 2006 the German label Vinyl On Demand produced a two disc re-issue, named The Absence Of A Canary V1.1. The original LP has has sold on eBay for up to US$350.

Side C+D: Demo sketches recorded in London, England between 1981 and 1984 for an unreleased second LP except track C1 which was the B-side of the Climatic Nouveaux 7". The track "Sampling The Blast Furnace" was a track from the unrealised project "The Partnership" with Andy McCluskey of O.M.D. on vocals and also Martha Ladly. It was produced by William Orbit. Side A+B: Re-release of the first LP - coming soon

Label: Vinyl-on-demand
Catalog#: VOD 30
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
Released:01 Jul 2006

Theatre Matrix (4:15)
A Pale View Of Hills (4:50)
A Song For Laurie (4:32)
Between Two Frequencies (6:12)
Binary (4:31)
Sampling The Blast Furnace (4:28)
Clocks (4:45)
Dark Rain (2:06)
Stadium (7:08)

Ceramic Hello - The Absence Of A Canary V1.1 Side C+D

Friday, June 6, 2008

Secession - A Dark Enchantment

Secession was a Scottish synth pop band that existed between 1983 and 1987. Secession consisted of Peter J. Thomson, Carole L. Branston, Charlie D. Kelly, and J.L. Seenan. Their singer, Peter J. Thomson, who penned their most commercially successful song song "Touch (Part 3)", died in the late 1990s.

Secession was mainly on two different labels during their short career: Beggars Banquet and Siren Records. They released a number of singles starting in 1983 until they released their only album, A Dark Enchantment, in late 1987.

Secession - A Dark Enchantment

Label: Siren Records
Catalog#: CD SRN 11
Format: CD, Album


Eventide (2:22)
Promise (4:09)
Love Lies Bleeding (4:35)
Sneakyville (3:44)
Winifred (3:43)
The Box That Holds A Secret (5:23)
Ocean Blue (5:02)
Radioland (4:32)
The Magician (4:22)
Love Lies Bleeding (Reprise) (1:02)
The Wolf (4:18)
Eventide (Theme From A Dark Enchantment) (2:00)
All The Animals Come Out At Night (4:06)
Michael (4:07)
Havoc (3:47)
Promise (Dub) (5:19)

Secession - A Dark Enchantment part 1
Secession - A Dark Enchantment part 2

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Poesie Noire - Love Is Colder Than Death

OK. Belgium again... Check out http://www.poesienoire.com/

Poesie Noire - Love Is Colder Than Death (1989, CD)

01. Vow of silence 4:48
02. Déjà vu 5:17
03. Aura of sadness 5:14
04. Taste of candy 4:12
05. Oblivion 2:53
06. Spiral 4:08
07. No beach 4:50
08. Icicle 5:26
09. Ocean of tears 3:12
10. Love is colder than death 5:18
10. Gare du Nord 4:29
11. The lake 4:01
12. Final station 4:02
13. Les excuses 3:22

Poesie Noire - Love Is Colder Than Death (1989, CD)