Monday, December 1, 2008

Sic - Cover Girls Smile / Between

Sic - Cover Girls Smile / Between

released in 1983.


Cover Girls Smile

Sic - Cover Girls Smile / Between

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Berlin Express - The Russians Are Coming

And now something special for all darksynth-starved, something you've all been waiting for.
I remember when I first heard 'Die Russen Kommen' on The New Wave Complex Vol.06, I was like ' that's really...SOMETHING! I've never heard anything like this before. It sounds so simple, but it's hard to 'figure out' at the same time...'
I hope you'll like just as much as I did.

Berlin Express is the one-time collaboration between Peter Baumann (Tangerine Dream), Conrad Schnitzler (Kluster, Tangerine Dream) and his son Gregor Schnitzler.

In 1982 they released The Russians Are Coming:


The Russians Are Coming (4:50)
Die Russen Kommen (3:31)
The 4:08 To Paris (4:08)

Berlin Express - The Russians Are Coming

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pink Industry - New Beginnings

1980's band based in Liverpool, England

Jayne Casey (Vocals)
Ambrose Reynolds (Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Drum Machines)
Tadzio Jodlowski (Bass, Guitar)


New Beginnings
Pain Of Pride
Bound By Silence
A4 State Of Grace
A5 Piano Ping
B1 Empty Beech
B2 The Corpse
B3 Fifty Five
B4 What I Wouldn't Give
B5 No Defence
B6 Stand Alone

Pink Industry - New Beginnings

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Moev - Dusk And Desire

Moev is a synth-pop band based in Vancouver, Canada. It was founded in 1981 by Tom Ferris (keyboards, percussion) and Cal Stephenson (keyboards, vocals). They were joined by Madeleine Morris (vocals) and Mark Jowett (guitar) later that year. Moev's debut album, "Zimmerkampf," appeared in 1982.
After their first label (San Francisco based "Go! Records") went broke in early 1983, band member Mark Jowett and manager Terry McBride formed Nettwerk Records in early 1984 to release Moev material. Singer Madeleine Morris departed, leaving Cal Stephenson to fill in temporarily. Christine Jones was recruited to provide vocals for the 1984 singles "Toulyev" and "Alibis."
In January 1985 Michella Arrichiello became the new vocalist in collaboration with Cal. After signing with Profile Records of New York in September 1985, "Dusk And Desire" was released. At this point, Mark Jowett left to concentrate on his managerial duties at Nettwerk, Cal Stephenson returned to school, and Michella Arrichiello left as well....


Sea-Missile Motel (4:11)

Written By - Robert Harvey
Took Out The Lace (3:19)

Producer - Dave Ogilvie
Photos (4:54)
Kim Says (3:36)

Bass - Kelly Cook
Producer - Dave Ogilvie
Czar (4:15)

Bass - Kelly Cook
Alibis (4:33)

Backing Vocals - Christine Jones
Ophelia (3:55)
Circles And Squares (3:25)
Beautiful Beast (3:51)
Sweet Nothings (4:32)

Moev - Dusk And Desire

also check out this page

Friday, September 26, 2008

Corps Diplomatique

Corps Diplomatique is one of the most fascinating French bands, sadly there's not much info about them on the net, except from this page.

Corps Diplomatique (paradis I, les metamorphoses, puzzle sheeps, sin of flesh)


V/A - Dead Souls (fixed!)

Hi everyone! Thank goodness I'm finally online! Hopefully the appetizer is good enough - here you find five tracks from several bands (Abecedarians, Odessa, Seventeen Steps, Auscult...) that sound like Joy Division. I must say when I first heard Seventeen Steps I just couldn't believe it's not Ian Curtis himself. ;)

Well, enjoy Dead Souls.

V/A - Dead Souls

Saturday, July 19, 2008

E-Vent - Sequin (Remix)

obscure band, known mostly for the song - Sequin (Remix) which appeared on the Return Of Flexi Pop Vol.1.
7 minutes of dark synth-pop, highly recommended.

Here you can buy Sequin 12''

E-Vent - Sequin (Remix)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

dj set

Some time ago I was asked to dj after the Attrition concert in Szczcecin, Poland. Unfortunately their gig had to be postponed and there was some kind of noise party instead. As you may guess I don't play noise music at all, so my set has been waiting for better days. Now it's its chance to have the audience. I picked some obscure tracks (such as ultra rare 7eme...) as well as wider-known stuff (das kabinette) - hope you'll like it.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ceramic Hello - The Absence Of A Canary V1.1 Side C+D

Sorry for my long silence, but I was busy due to exams. As a compensation I post something that you're definitely going to like: great tune from Canada, which has been re-released by Vinyl On Demand recently. I can guarantee nobody will be disappointed in The Absence Of A Canary. Now that's what I call DARK SYNTH.
Highly recommended!

I also have some good news for you. Once upon a time there was a band from NY, called Eleven Pond. What about them? Well, check out this blog and you'll find out that they'll propably re-release the album which was limited to 500 copies and it's now very hard to find. Luckily, you can download mp3 files from that blog, and I can also guarantee you won't be disappointed in Eleven Pond, especially in their song Watching Trees (seriously... I can't get it out of my head!) If you like Eleven Pond and feel like having their re-release, please add some feedback under that post or here. Big thanks for the support!

Ad rem!

Ceramic Hello was a duo from Burlington, Ontario, formed by Brett Wickens in 1980 after leaving Spoons to start Mannequin Records. He teamed up with Roger Humphreys who added a more classical bent to the minimal synth tunes (in the mold of John Foxx and Mute Records).

Their first release was the single "Climatic Nouveaux" / "Theatre Matrix" (MAN003) in 1980. This was followed the next year by the vinyl album The Absence Of A Canary (MAN LP1), which included the single a-side. The 1000 copies have become a collector's item, so much so that in 2006 the German label Vinyl On Demand produced a two disc re-issue, named The Absence Of A Canary V1.1. The original LP has has sold on eBay for up to US$350.

Side C+D: Demo sketches recorded in London, England between 1981 and 1984 for an unreleased second LP except track C1 which was the B-side of the Climatic Nouveaux 7". The track "Sampling The Blast Furnace" was a track from the unrealised project "The Partnership" with Andy McCluskey of O.M.D. on vocals and also Martha Ladly. It was produced by William Orbit. Side A+B: Re-release of the first LP - coming soon

Label: Vinyl-on-demand
Catalog#: VOD 30
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
Released:01 Jul 2006

Theatre Matrix (4:15)
A Pale View Of Hills (4:50)
A Song For Laurie (4:32)
Between Two Frequencies (6:12)
Binary (4:31)
Sampling The Blast Furnace (4:28)
Clocks (4:45)
Dark Rain (2:06)
Stadium (7:08)

Ceramic Hello - The Absence Of A Canary V1.1 Side C+D

Friday, June 6, 2008

Secession - A Dark Enchantment

Secession was a Scottish synth pop band that existed between 1983 and 1987. Secession consisted of Peter J. Thomson, Carole L. Branston, Charlie D. Kelly, and J.L. Seenan. Their singer, Peter J. Thomson, who penned their most commercially successful song song "Touch (Part 3)", died in the late 1990s.

Secession was mainly on two different labels during their short career: Beggars Banquet and Siren Records. They released a number of singles starting in 1983 until they released their only album, A Dark Enchantment, in late 1987.

Secession - A Dark Enchantment

Label: Siren Records
Catalog#: CD SRN 11
Format: CD, Album


Eventide (2:22)
Promise (4:09)
Love Lies Bleeding (4:35)
Sneakyville (3:44)
Winifred (3:43)
The Box That Holds A Secret (5:23)
Ocean Blue (5:02)
Radioland (4:32)
The Magician (4:22)
Love Lies Bleeding (Reprise) (1:02)
The Wolf (4:18)
Eventide (Theme From A Dark Enchantment) (2:00)
All The Animals Come Out At Night (4:06)
Michael (4:07)
Havoc (3:47)
Promise (Dub) (5:19)

Secession - A Dark Enchantment part 1
Secession - A Dark Enchantment part 2

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Poesie Noire - Love Is Colder Than Death

OK. Belgium again... Check out

Poesie Noire - Love Is Colder Than Death (1989, CD)

01. Vow of silence 4:48
02. Déjà vu 5:17
03. Aura of sadness 5:14
04. Taste of candy 4:12
05. Oblivion 2:53
06. Spiral 4:08
07. No beach 4:50
08. Icicle 5:26
09. Ocean of tears 3:12
10. Love is colder than death 5:18
10. Gare du Nord 4:29
11. The lake 4:01
12. Final station 4:02
13. Les excuses 3:22

Poesie Noire - Love Is Colder Than Death (1989, CD)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Twilight Ritual - Rituals

As requested, here is Twilight Ritual, another great band form Belgium. Enjoy!



A1 Amorphous Materials (6:34)
A2 I Never Called You A Dream (6:39)
A3 Message (3:02)
A4 What Are Rooms For (4:36)
B1 Strength For Me (3:35)
B2 He Is Ice (2:28)
B3 Means Of Heath (1:11)
B4 Closed Circuit (5:37)
B5 Tears On The Wall (6:24)

Twilight Ritual - Rituals

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mikael Diser

Swedish artist, probably released only one song 'Min Vän, Porslinshundens Vän' (available on two compilations - NWC Vol.11 and Embellishment Collection vol. 1 & 2). Dark, bizarre synth composition with a unique atmosphere.

Mikael Diser -
Min Vän, Porslinshundens Vän

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Blaze Colour - Against The Dark Trees Beyond

great duo from Belgium, one of my favourite minimal bands.

A Blaze Colour - Against The Dark Trees Beyond

Label: Ablaco Records
Catalog#: ABCDTB 001
Format: Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM

A Blaze Colour - Against The Dark Trees Beyond

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

song of the month

my latest fascination is Twilight Ritual and the song What Are Rooms Like. Listen and you'll understand.

Twilight Ritual - What Are Rooms Like

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Liquid Sky Soundtrack

Here comes the soundtrack of my favourite movie - Liquid Sky.

"The producer of the film took full credit for everything they really did not do anything but put up the money. He and his wife ( who got the credit for the costumes) needed green cards and that was the way for them to get them.
Anne Carlisle ( wrote the entire script ) and Julia Morton were responsible for almost everything. Iit was Jjulia that brought in marcel and nanxy from cinandre, who did the hair
and make up.

The star of this bizarre and violent film is Anne Carlisle, a fomer LaRocka model who has a screenwriting credit and plays the dual roles of New Wave fashion plates Margaret and Jimmy. ´ I had already experimented with changing gender,´ says Carlisle, perhaps the only woman in film annals to give herself a blow job, ´ dressing as a guy just as a provocative thing. Slava Tsukerman saw me going out in these costumes and thought that a UFO would find them attractive.´ To cinch the role, Carlisle dressed up as a boy and escorted Tsukerman to the New York club Danceteria - where she then proceeded toland a female date."

music for the film was composed by Brenda Hutchinson and Clive Smith using the Fairlight CMI, the first digital sampler/synthesiser. Much of it was original, while some songs were interpretations of music by Carl Orff and Baroque composer Marin Marais.

It has been re-released on CD once in 1999 domestically, and then in 1997 in Japan as a Limited Edition Collector's Digipak with 8 postcards.

label: Varese Sarabande Records (STV 81181)
year: 1983

Liquid Sky - OST

check out some videos I host on youtube:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Deux - Agglomerat

are: Cati Tete, Gérard Pelletier

Deux - Agglomérat

Catalog#: Agglo2006/1
Format: CD, Album
Released:Dec 2006


Justice Injustice (Cold Universe Mix) (3:54)
Dance With Me (4:01)
Felicita (3:02)
Minimaliste (2:25)
Le Couloir (3:38)
Game And Performance (3:34)
Le Camion (5:27)
Paris Orly (4:20)
Decadence (3:20)
Sex And Trouble (4:14)
Uncle Albert (5:15)
Golden Dreams (6:44)
Game And Performance (Solo) (2:57)
Sailor (4:13)
Everybody's Right (5:13)
Ministry Of Love (3:18)

Deux - Agglomerat part 1

Deux - Agglomerat part 2

Monday, May 12, 2008

P 4 - I'm in Love With A German Filmstar

Here is the song I came across while listening to None Night Of Flexipop vol. 02. - "I'm in Love With A German Filmstar". Originally performed by The Passions, here as the cover made by mysterious band P 4, with male vocals and slightly changed lyrics

I'm in love with a German film star
I once saw in a bar
Sitting in a corner in his perfect clothes
Trying not to pose
For the cameras and the boys
It's a glamorous world

I'm in love with a German film star
I once saw in a movie
Playing the part of a real troublemaker
But I didn't care
It really moved me, it really moved me

I'm in love.

I like P 4's version better than the original, as it feels more powerful and... it really moved me.

Here you can see and hear the orignal

visit The Passions' myspace page here

and here is P 4

P4 - I'm in Love With A German Filmstar

Monday, May 5, 2008

Dom Mody - Szyfry/Deszcz Słów

Dom Mody (eng. Fashion House)

Polish new wave band, not very well known, even in Poland. The song 'Szyfry' was featured in the New Wave Complex Vol 06, but someone mistyped its name, turning 'Szyfry' (eng. 'Codes') into 'Szytry'. It can also be found in 'Jeszcze Młodsza Generacja' - compilation published by Tonpress - Polish label from 80's which belonged to KAW - Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza (The National Publishing Agency), one of many government-controlled publishing units in 1970-1980s' Poland.
Tonpress' catalogue consisted of licensed foreign albums and singles (often with an altered artwork), as well as Polish records, including non-music audiobooks for children.
Tonpress was disactivated in 1990, when the Polish government (democratic) decided to discontinue running many of the state-controlled publishing houses and agencies. Tonpress' Polish catalogue was split between various private-owned music labels.

Dom Mody - Szyfry/Deszcz Słów
(Fashion House - Codes/Rain of Words)

Label: Tonpress
Catalog#: S-526
Format: Vinyl, 7", Single


Szyfry (2:40)
Deszcz Słów (3:25)

If you don't mind Polish language and like Dom Mody, I'll upload something similar soon.
If you want to buy this album, feel free to contact me, I have a spare one.

Dom Mody - Szyfry/Deszcz Słów

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Neva - Fausse Conscience

Great batcave/post-punk band from France, if you like L'enfance Eternelle you'll like this one too. Awesome sounds, straight from hell, great keys and voice, in my opinion they were better than Sex Gang Children. (my view is very subjective, as I'm in love with young Jacquy Bitch)
Check out their myspace page
Neva - Fausse Conscience

Label: Not On Label (Neva Self-released)
Catalog#: DIR 231
Format: Cassette, Album
Released:Dec 1989


Venise (3:30)
Louchald (3:20)
Irradié (4:45)
Couloir FC4 (2:35)
Vision (4:00)
Outrage (3:20)
Tue-Les (6:30)
Erreur De Suicide (5:35)
NNN3 (3:30)

Neva - Fausse Conscience

Monday, April 28, 2008

Trees - Sleep Convention

Sleep Convention is the only album by the New Wave one-man band Trees. The album was recorded in 1982 and released under the MCA Record label. This album received almost no attention from the radio stations and the album disappeared along with Trees. This album is considered to be a lost gem and a fine representation of New Wave's finest

I remember seeing some videos on youtube, so check it out.

Catalog#: MCAC-5348
Format: Vinyl, LP


Come Back
Shock Of The New
Delta Sleep
No Stranger
Midnight In America
11:00 AM
Gotta Moon
Red Car

Trees - Sleep Convention

Circuit 7 - Video Boys

here we go again...

Circuit 7 - Video Boys

Catalog#: RAPP 023459
Format: Vinyl, 7", Red


A Video Boys
B The Force

Circuit 7 - Video Boys

Circuit 7 - Modern Story

Circuit 7

members: Martyn Good / Andy Partington

One of my favourite bands, very recommended!
Great sound of the best synth ever (Roland Juno 60) I played The Force at the party on Saturday and people were dancing like mad.

They want to release C7 in America soon.
btw: Martyn's son uploaded several songs on youtube lately.

Circuit 7 - Modern Story

Catalog#: RAPP 023462
Format: Vinyl, 7", Single, Blue


Modern Story
Eastern Dream

Modern Story

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

AYA RL - Czerwona


AYA RL (Aya Red Love). Polish band formed in 1983 by Igor Czerniawski, Pawel Kukiz (well known in Poland from Piersi) and Jaroslaw Lach.

Aya RL - Czerwona

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hysterica Passio

another great, obscure band:

Hysterica Passio and the album Grey Over Life

Label: Fire In Heart
Catalog#: 16457
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: US
Released: 1982
Genre: Electronic
Style: Synth-pop, Minimal

Hysterica Passio - Grey Over Life

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dok-U-Ment Live-In Fear

Dokument was a short lived project headed by Malcolm Smith with help from John Zewizz and Andrew Woolf.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Baroque Bordello (FR)

Today (12")

Artwork by: Alain Frappier (vistit his myspace page)

Photography [Front Cover] - Charlotte Rudolf

Via (LP)

Garage Records (France)

Baroque (12")

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Clair Obscur (FR)


CLAIR OBSCUR is a French group which started out in 1981 and it's still active. It was founded in Creil by Thierry Damerval (bass), Christophe Demarthe (vocals) and Nicolas Demarthe (guitar).

La cassette noire was released in 1982 together with texts and photos in a black plastic bag. Cover design by Clair Obscur. Drawing adapted from Edvard Munch, "The scream".

Contained 9 tracks, first limited edition of 200 copies Pleasantly Surprised (UK) cassette 1985

on the cover:
Edvard Munch - The Scream

In 1983 Clair Obscur were invited to play at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Paris as well as to support Killing Joke at Le Palace in Paris. The stage was cluttered with furniture and domestic objects - between the drums and the amplifiers a couple lived their daily life. Their first single Santa Maria was released the same year.

Released in a 18,5cm x 25cm cover together with six 10,5cm x 15cm photos. On the cover you can see a tribute to Edvard Munch and one of his paintings titled Madonna

It contains Santa Maria (4:27) and Toundra (3:25). I ripped the vinyl twice and fixed the sound a bit, then played Toundra at the Cold Gothic Night in Cracow. Because the song appears to be very dark and trully underground, people were asking about it all the time :)

ARTWORK of Santa Maria:

photos : Philippe Lobgeois, Miloud J.sculpture,

paintings : Armelle Avrilcouverture : d'après Edvard Munch, La Madone

In 1984 Clair Obscur published the 12" single Dansez and created a show at the Théâtre du Forum des Halles in Paris.

In a hall transformed into a forest the four musicians of the group became actors to tell a social fable, The Pilgrim's Progress. The recording of this concert was published by All the Madmen (England) in 1985.

After a year, the label Cathexis Recordings published the 12" single Smurf in the Gulag which was 'a wink at disco music, the genuine industrial music.' I trully admire this song, it's very exceptional, has a strong beat, very good to dance to. I often play it at the parties and watch the dancefloor becomes crowded though nobody knows the song (I bet!).

Clair Obscur - Smurf in the Gulag song

Cover design by Philippe Touzard

In October 1986 the théâtre Déjazet in Paris, an Italian style theatre, became the pretext of a feigned bucolic decorum, featuring a chamber orchestra and replicas of famous impressionist paintings, which happened only to be destroyed immediately after. This gave birth to the LP In Out recorded thanks to the French national radio France Culture and published by V.i.S.A. (France) in 1988.

Cover of IN OUT, featuring Le Déjeuner sur l'Herbe by Manet.

In 1989 Thierry left Clair Obscur.

Christophe composed a piece of music for a drama performance of Sophocles’ Antigone. In 1990 new musicians coming from rock, jazz and classical music joined the group.