Friday, June 6, 2008

Secession - A Dark Enchantment

Secession was a Scottish synth pop band that existed between 1983 and 1987. Secession consisted of Peter J. Thomson, Carole L. Branston, Charlie D. Kelly, and J.L. Seenan. Their singer, Peter J. Thomson, who penned their most commercially successful song song "Touch (Part 3)", died in the late 1990s.

Secession was mainly on two different labels during their short career: Beggars Banquet and Siren Records. They released a number of singles starting in 1983 until they released their only album, A Dark Enchantment, in late 1987.

Secession - A Dark Enchantment

Label: Siren Records
Catalog#: CD SRN 11
Format: CD, Album


Eventide (2:22)
Promise (4:09)
Love Lies Bleeding (4:35)
Sneakyville (3:44)
Winifred (3:43)
The Box That Holds A Secret (5:23)
Ocean Blue (5:02)
Radioland (4:32)
The Magician (4:22)
Love Lies Bleeding (Reprise) (1:02)
The Wolf (4:18)
Eventide (Theme From A Dark Enchantment) (2:00)
All The Animals Come Out At Night (4:06)
Michael (4:07)
Havoc (3:47)
Promise (Dub) (5:19)

Secession - A Dark Enchantment part 1
Secession - A Dark Enchantment part 2


RObert POland said...

Zaglądalem tu już parę razy, a nawet nie wiedzialem, że ten blog prowadzi osoba mówiąca po polsku:.
Dziękuję za odwiedziny i komentarz


DJ Qube said...

Hey, great blog. I host a related podcast over at, I've linked to your blog if you don't mind.

I was just discussing with a friend recently how lucky I feel to own this album. I've seen it sell for upwards of $160 over the years. I bought mine for $6.99 15 years ago or so. I just love sharing that story with people who are familiar with Secession, lol!

Anyway, thanks for a cool blog!

ichandrae said...

hello my friend.

this is very nice.
I agree you have a spectacular blog here.

Anonymous said...

love love love the magician and promise...i'm so glad i bought this cd at a rare shop back in the is my most valued possession as it was not printed in big quantities. i had the vinyls too but somehow those disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Love this CD! I bought it back in 1990 in San Jose at Star Records. I paid $21.99 because it was an import. I had never heard of the band before but the employees recommended it quite highly. I took a listen and was hooked, so I bought it. Glad I did. I've loved it over the years and had no idea that it was a limited release and so hard to find. Wow. I feel quite lucky.

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