Saturday, July 19, 2008

E-Vent - Sequin (Remix)

obscure band, known mostly for the song - Sequin (Remix) which appeared on the Return Of Flexi Pop Vol.1.
7 minutes of dark synth-pop, highly recommended.

Here you can buy Sequin 12''

E-Vent - Sequin (Remix)


Anonymous said...

I was looking for an e-mail address but did not find one. I've compiled 13 discs so far of underground electronic new wave and punk and gave it the name of Analog CyberPunk. Everthing's free to download at:

You might like it. Your other site of 80s graphics brought me back to 1980. What a weird and wonderful time to be alive.


ichandrae said...

is this you poison?
I kept revisiting you in the other blog but I couldn't find you currently posting.
what an awesome blog this is.
I love this photograph.It is visual music.
Have a magical day.
love and light

poison said...

thanks. I'm currently offline, but I promise to post something soon

Anonymous said...

hi there Poison.

I tried to download the Absence of a Canary but I couldn't so I went to you tube and listened to Ceramic Hello, and their track Gesture.
Very nice, to me it sounds religious.I would like to read the lyrics to confirm that.
I tried to download your set, couldn't.

Thankyou for the idea about Ceramic Hello. I am always into exploring new groups on the net and I am canadian.

Well I miss your posts. I hope your back soon.
I remember for a while I was getting sick of scenery on the internet being so virtual, and momentarily all I could relate to was your turntable. ha ha

have a beautiful day filled with love and light.
So what is the name of your band?


Filep said...

Hello, I hope you are doing fine.
I found your youtube page by chance and fell in love with
Poeme Electronique - The Echoes Fade
I was wondering if you are kind enough to provide me with the song, as mp3, if possible.
I know it is very rare to find and it makes it more difficult for me since I live in Athens.
My email is

Thank you very much for reading this

Phantom Lady said...

ichandrae >>> hm..strange - the links work fine for me...maybe you should try once again?



Event said...

I am/was eVent (my preferred way of spelling the band), I was chatting recently with someone who was asking about my musical past (alas...I have been shamefully un-prolific once in the grip of having a "career"...), anyway they told me they found this by Google...hey, it was news to me that my single was on a Flexi-Pop release. It was nice to see it got a "highly recommended" :-) Anyway, I still actually have vinyl 12" singles left, which also include No-Time and Icepick...I can provide mp3 if anyone is interested. I dabbled in a bunch of minor projects since, and still have a bunch of unfinished songs...what, after 17 years!??? Christ how time flies, was it really THAT long ago....I really wanted to release my "jazz/funk" remix of Sequin...maybe, just maybe I can find my way back...if anyone is interested in dropping me a line, event@fesdigital still works...peace