Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chandra - Transportation - 1980

Chandra - Transportation

Go Go Records 1980

"Chandra Oppenheim is a young female vocalist (12 years old when this was recorded) and is backed by The Dance with production from Euginie Diserio on this 4 track EP released on Go Go records in 1980."

The Chandra EP has been reissued and the package includes 4 unreleased tracks recorded with the Chandra Dimension as well as a 32-page booklet. Purchase it here

"In honor of the memory of the New York City MTA Strike of '05. Chandra's 1980 EP Transportation (On/Gogo) featured 10-year old lead singer Chandra Oppenheim, daughter of sculptor/visual artist Dennis Oppenheim. In '79 via her dad she met the band Model Citizens, and upon their breakup they decided to back her up and call the group Chandra. They met with fairly good response: Warhol interviewed them for his mag, they got good paying gigs at all the NYC hotspots, and apparently appeared performing on Captain Kangaroo. Fred Maher, drummer of many Lou Reed sessions, was in this band as well."


Opposite (3:50)
Concentration (2:50)
Subways (2:44)

Organ [Dissonant] - Chandra (4)
Kate (5:42)

Melodica - Chandra (4)

Chandra - Transportation - 1980


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