Monday, September 29, 2008

Pink Industry - New Beginnings

1980's band based in Liverpool, England

Jayne Casey (Vocals)
Ambrose Reynolds (Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Drum Machines)
Tadzio Jodlowski (Bass, Guitar)


New Beginnings
Pain Of Pride
Bound By Silence
A4 State Of Grace
A5 Piano Ping
B1 Empty Beech
B2 The Corpse
B3 Fifty Five
B4 What I Wouldn't Give
B5 No Defence
B6 Stand Alone

Pink Industry - New Beginnings

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drriquet said...

Thanks for all that excellent and rare music! I'm a great fan of analog and numériques synthesizer !And also 70's and 80's music era and many treasurse of synthmusic!! Your blog is awesome!!